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2013 Q1 Economic Scorecard Released

The first Wisconsin Economic Scorecard conducted in 2013 finds most residents (61%) feel Wisconsin is “headed in the right direction,” but just 27% rate the current state economy as “good” and only 1% of residents rate the state economy as “excellent.”

The poll also found:

  • When it comes to allocating the state budget surplus projected over the next two years, 40% of Wisconsin residents would prioritize education funding, 33% would prioritize funding for Medicaid, 16% would prioritize income tax cuts, and 10% would prioritize covering shortfalls in the transportation fund.
  • A slight majority of Wisconsin residents (51%) oppose tying increased funding for education to how well school districts perform.
  • Wisconsin residents are closely divided over Governor Walker’s plan to divert much of the current budget cycle’s surplus towards income tax cuts; 45% support the income tax cuts, while 45% oppose the plan.
  • A slight majority of Wisconsin residents (51%) feel the possible environmental costs of the proposed iron ore mine near Ashland are a more important consideration than the possible economic benefits, while 41% feel the opposite.
  • Fewer Wisconsin residents had problems keeping their jobs or affording their rent or mortgage payments compared with last quarter, and rates of most types of serious personal financial problems are significantly lower than they were at this time last year.

For more findings and methodology, view the report here. All frequencies are also available.

The Wisconsin Economic Scorecard is a quarterly poll of Wisconsin residents conducted by the UWM Center for Urban Initiatives and Research in cooperation with Milwaukee public radio station WUWM and