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Undergraduate Graduation Application
At approximately the same time you register for your last semester, you should also apply for graduation. The Graduation Processing Unit sends out an e-mail notifying students when the application is accessible, but you will need to go into PAWS to Apply for Graduation.

To complete the application for graduation, follow the steps below (graphical pdf version):

Instructions for Applying for Graduation
  1. Log in to PAWS using your ePanther ID and password. The Student Center page will appear. Select Apply for Graduation from the "other academics" drop-down list under "Academics," then click on the double arrows to proceed to the application.

  2. On the Apply for Graduation page, click on the Academic Program hyperlink (i.e. Business Undergraduate).

  3. Select your graduation term from the Expected Graduation Term drop down menu. Please read all instructions then click Continue. Verify that all data is correct, then click Continue.

    Note: If you wish to apply for a graduation term that does not appear under the drop menu, please log out and return to apply during your semester of graduation.

  4. Click the Apply for Bachelor's Degree button.

  5. Complete and submit the additional application data. Completing this portion of the application will result in quicker processing of your application because it generates an e-mail notification of your intended graduation to graduation processors. If you don't complete this portion of the application you will still be processed for graduation but there may be a delay.

    Note: Once you hit the submit button on this application you will not be able to go back into it; if you wish to leave the application and return to it, you must Log Off (any information you've entered will need to be re-entered when you login again).