Commencement Information
Candidates for graduation are encouraged to attend commencement ceremonies, which are held in December and May of each year. Some of the most common commencement questions are:

Am I required to attend the ceremony?
Attendance at Commencement is optional.

When are commencement ceremonies held?
Commencement exercises are held in both May and December.

Which commencement ceremony do I attend if I finish my courses in Summer or UWinterim?
Students who graduate at the end of the summer sessions may participate in the May commencement and UWinteriM graduates may participate in December Commencement.

Will I receive any commencement information and who notifies me?
Two or three weeks prior to the graduation date you will receive a letter from the Secretary of the University's Office with the specific commencement information on the time and location for the Commencement Ceremony. If you do not receive this letter or misplace it please contact the graduation processing office at 414-229-6571 or stop by Mellencamp Hall, Room 212.

When and where are the commencement ceremonies held?
Commencement ceremony details can be located in the yellow section to the left.

How do I get tickets for the ceremony?
No tickets are required for family and friends who want to attend the ceremony, seating is on a first come, first served basis.