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You've put in the work and now you want to know how you did. This section will point you to where you can view and print out your grades and explain UW-Milwaukee's grading scale.
Grades Report
Following the completion of a semester, you can view your grades and print a copy of your grade report via PAWS. You can see your grades as they are posted, but complete grade reports are typically available within two weeks from the last day of final exams.

To check your grades, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. The “Student Center” page will appear.
  3. Click “Grades” under the 'Academic History' section.
  4. On 'View My Grades' page, select the term from dropdown menu and click “Change”
  5. To print your grade report, click the printer friendly icon on the bottom of the page.
  6. To go back to the grade report to select a different term click 'cancel' on the bottom of the printer friendly version of the grade report.

Grading System

Grade Point Average (GPA)If you are pursuing a degree from UWM, you will take most of your course work on a graded basis. The general quality of your performance in your classes is expressed in terms of the grade point average (GPA). The number of grade points earned in a course is computed by multiplying the points for the grade by the number of credits for which the course is offered. For example, if you earned a B in a three-credit course, you would earn nine grade points. Your GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points you've earned by the total number of graded credits you've taken. The highest possible average is 4.000 or an A in every subject.

The grade point average recorded on your official UWM transcript is based solely upon credits earned or attempted at UWM. Some schools and colleges have different standards for GPA calculation and may include transfer work; see degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog for specifics. UWM credits taken as audit or credit/no credit do not apply to your UWM GPA. If you want to receive a letter grade for a course, do not specify audit or credit/no credit as a grading basis when you register on PAWS.

UWM uses a letter grade system that includes "plus" and "minus" grades and is based on a 4.000 scale. For convenience in computing averages, each letter grade carries a specified number of points per credit. The scale of grades and points follows:

Grade Point Chart
Grades Grade Points Other Reports
A 4.000 CREDIT = "C-" or above in a credit/no credit course
A- 3.670 NO CREDIT = Below "C-" in a credit/no credit course (course will not appear on your academic record)
B+ 3.330 NOT RPTD = Grade was not submitted in time to be reported
B 3.000 I = Incomplete (see below)
B- 2.670 P = Progress (research and thesis course work still in progress)
C+ 2.330 S = Satisfactory (audit and zero-credit courses* only)
U = Unsatisfactory (zero-credit courses* only)
C- 1.670 UNREC = The course will not be entered on your academic record (audit only)
D+ 1.330 W = Course dropped by student after fourth week of semester or first quarter of shorter session
D 1.000 WR = Administrative drop (enrollment in course violates permitted number of repeats
D- 0.670 R = Repeat course (counts in GPA)
F 0.000
*Except for English 090/095,, Linguistics 096,, and Math 090/095. Letter grades are assigned for these courses, although they carry no degree or GPA credit.

F-Grade Policy
Effective Fall 2004, the University implemented a new 'F' grading system due to Federal compliance requirements for students receiving financial aid. When reporting a grade of 'F,' instructors will also report a number corresponding to the student's "week of last participation" in the course. This is the last week of the term for which there is documented evidence of the student's participation in the course. A student receiving the grade of 'F0' would, therefore, be one who never attended or participated, whereas a student grade of 'F16' would signify completion of the entire term. The numeral for "week of last participation" will be reflected on unofficial transcripts and grade reports. On official transcripts, only the grade of 'F' will be reflected.

Your instructor may give you an Incomplete instead of a final grade if you are unable, because of illness or other circumstances beyond your control, to complete your coursework or the final examination. You must prove to the instructor that you were prevented from completing your course requirements.

UndergraduatesUndergraduates are required to complete a course marked 'Incomplete' during the next succeeding semester (excluding summer sessions and UWinteriM). If you do not remove the 'Incomplete' during this period, the report of 'I' will lapse to 'F'.

NOTE: If you earn an Incomplete in your last semester of attendance prior to graduation from UWM, contact the Graduation Processing office at 414-229-4269 for information regarding the completion deadline.

Graduate StudentsContact the Graduate School at 414-229-6569 for information on the Incomplete policy for graduate students.

Grade Changes
Students anticipating a grade change may view their grades in PAWS daily to confirm whether or not a grade has been changed.

Only instructors assigned to teach a course may award or change grades for that course. Change of Grade forms cannot be released directly to students. Instructors must obtain the Change of Grade form from the school or college or from the Grades Office in Mellencamp Hall 212.

Repeat Policy
UndergraduatesYou may repeat any course only once, and only the higher of your two grades will be calculated into your grade point average (GPA). Both attempts will appear on your transcript.

If your UWM course repeats a course for which you received transfer credit, only the UWM course will be calculated into your GPA, regardless of grade. Both attempts will be shown on your transcript.

You will be administratively dropped from any course which you try to repeat more than once without approval of a written appeal to your school/college advising office. The single repeat limit also applies to courses taken for audit or on a credit/no credit basis. Exceptions to this policy are variable-topic courses, which may be taken for credit as often as permitted for that particular course, as specified in the Schedule of Classes.

NOTE: Further restrictions may apply; check the departmental listings in the Schedule of Classes for further information on departmental policies.

Graduate StudentsYou may repeat a course once in which a grade of less than "B" was earned. The repeated course may be counted only once toward meeting degree requirements. Both attempts remain on the student's permanent record and both are counted in the grade point calculation.

UW System Placement Test Results
If you are a continuing student, results for placement exams will be available in three working days unless otherwise indicated. Use one of the steps below to obtain your test results:
  • Check on PAWS.
  • Stop at the Testing Center, Mellencamp Hall B28 with a valid photo I.D.
To obtain results from other exams, refer to the specific exam information included on the Testing Center website.