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Name and Address Changes
Get the details on how to change your name on your permanent record, where to go in PAWS to change your address, and how to restrict your information from being included in the campus directory.
Changing Your Name
You can change the name that appears on your academic record by filling out a Student Record Data Change Form at the Enrollment Services Information Center, Mellencamp Hall 274. Your completed form must be accompanied by a form of documentation showing your new name (i.e., marriage certificate or court order) and a photo ID.

Changing Your Address
When you first logon to PAWS, your "Current Addresses" page is displayed. To make changes to your address(es), click on the "Change Address(es)" link that appears below each address type that we have on your active record. You can maintain up to five different address types in PAWS. The University typically sends communications that need to be mailed to your campus address as our first choice, to your mailing address if you don't have a campus address, and then to your home address if you don't have either a campus or a mailing address recorded.

Use the information below to determine what address you should enter under the different types available to you:

CampusIf you live in an on-campus residence facility, your campus address will appear and you cannot edit this information.

MailingIf you don't live on campus, but have a local address, enter that information into the mailing address type.

HomeYour home address should be your permanent residence. The University uses the home address to determine where things like Dean's List honors and graduation press releases are to be sent.

BillingEnter information into the billing address if you'd like to have financial statements mailed to an address other than your campus, mailing or home address.

BusinessThe business address type is rarely used by the University, but you could enter your work address if you so desire.

Restricting Your Information from the All-Campus Printed Directory
Each fall, UWM publishes a printed campus directory that includes students as well as faculty and staff. If you choose to participate, the directory includes your name, address, phone number, and email. The addresses and phone numbers that will appear in both the printed and on-line directories will be determined in the following order of precedence:
  • If you live on-campus in a Sandburg Residence Hall that address and phone number will automatically be listed.
  • If you live off-campus, the addresses and phone numbers published in the directories will be determined by what you've entered in your PAWS account. Mailing address and phone number will be the first choice but, if no mailing address has been entered on PAWS, your home address and phone number will be included.
  • If you are both a student and a UWM employee (such as a teaching assistant), your staff information will still appear in the on-line and printed directories unless you have indicated to the Payroll Office that you wish to have your home address and phone information restricted. If you wish to suppress your home address/phone information as a UWM staff member, go to the Payroll Office in Engelmann Hall and fill out a "Home Address and Telephone Number Change Form" and specify that you do not want your home address information listed.
If you DO NOT wish to have your information included in the printed or on-line directories, you may restrict this information within your PAWS account using the following steps:
  1. Login to PAWS
  2. The "Current Addresses" page is displayed. Beneath the instructions, you will see bolded text that says "Restrict Name and Address from Campus Directory" followed by "Yes" and "No" buttons indicating whether or not your information is restricted.
  3. If you wish to change the status of your restriction, click on the link below this text that says "Change Campus Directory Restriction." A new page will open and you can simply click on the "Yes" button to prevent your information from being included in the printed and on-line campus directories.
NOTE: This process does not prevent the responsible offices from releasing directory information to third party requestors unless a full request to withhold dirctory information has been filed with the Department of Enrollment Services.

Students that have previously filed a request to withhold directory information through the Department of Enrollment Services will not be included in the printed or on-line directories, even if you have not chosen to restrict your information from the All-Campus Directories using the procedures outlined above.