PantherCard/Student ID
PantherCardYour PantherCard is your key to all kinds of services and events at UW-Milwaukee. It is your official university identification and as a student or employee you are required to carry it with you whenever you are on campus. You will be asked to present your UWM PantherCard to use the library and other campus facilities, to access your ePanther email account, to obtain a UPASS, and to access various campus services such as a UWM Gold Account.

Obtaining an initial UWM PantherCard
PantherCards are issued in the Enrollment Services Information Center, located in Mellencamp Hall 274. During the academic year, the ID Office is open:

PantherCard/Student ID Office Hours
Day Open Close
Monday 8:00AM 6:00PM
Tuesday - Thursday 8:00AM 4:30PM
Friday 10:00AM 2:00PM

The ID office is open additional hours during the first two weeks of classes. Get your ID as early as possible. Once school begins, you may run into delays with processing due to high volume in the Information Center.

All New Students, except new Freshmen:Newly admitted students may obtain their initial UWM PantherCard for a $10 fee.

Freshman Students:All incoming freshman students will have their $10 fee built into the New Freshman fee and will not be required to pay the initial ID fee separately. For more information regarding the New Freshman fee, please visit the New Freshman Orientation site.

Faculty/Staff:The Enrollment Services Information Center issues faculty/staff PantherCards at New Faculty/Staff Orientation programs or in Mellencamp 274. The office can issue a faculty/staff PantherCard ONLY after the person has been entered into the campus database. There is no UWM PantherCard fee for faculty/staff.

NOTE: You must present valid photo identification when receiving a UWM PantherCard. Your UWM PantherCard will be valid throughout your entire academic or employment career at UW-Milwaukee.

Obtaining a replacement UWM PantherCard
Students:The Enrollment Services Information Center (Mellencamp 274) can issue a replacement UWM PantherCard to a student during operational hours. A non-refundable $10 fee is charged for all replacement PantherCards.

Faculty/Staff:The Enrollment Services Information Center (Mellencamp 274) can issue a replacement UWM PantherCard to faculty/staff during operational hours. There is no UWM PantherCard fee for faculty/staff.

NOTE: The University is not responsible for replacement costs of cards due to damage that occurs when cards are purposefully altered from their original format (e.g. punching a hole in the card).

Obtaining your UWM Campus ID Number
If you are unable to get to campus to obtain a PantherCard but would like to be able to access online services such as the Golda Meir Library, you'll need to know your nine-digit campus ID number plus an additional two digits. If you have your ePanther ID (the ID you use to log in to PAWS) and have activated your UWM email account, you can use the Campus ID Finder to have your campus ID number sent to your UWM email account.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards
If your UWM PantherCard is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling Enrollment Services at 229-3800 or stopping by the Information Center at Mellencamp 274 during regular business hours. You can be held responsible for the use of your PantherCard if you fail to report your card lost or stolen.

PantherCard Use Policy
All ID cards are the property of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and are provided for appropriate use for identification and access to services on the UWM campus. Benefits provided to holders of UWM PantherCards by off-campus entities are neither the responsibility of the university nor the entitlement of the cardholder. A form of photo identification must be presented in person and verified by Enrollment Services staff in order to obtain a PantherCard. No hats or sunglasses may be worn when the photo for the PantherCard is taken.

The card is not transferable and is valid only as long as the holder continues his/her specific affiliation with UW-Milwaukee. The card must be surrendered for identification purposes upon request by an official of the University, e.g., police officer, faculty member, dean. Any misuse, alteration or fabrication of the card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the University.