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Enrollment/Degree Verification Requests
You may need to verify that you are an enrolled student, whether you are a full-time or half-time student or, once you graduate, confirm the degree you earned. UW-Milwaukee uses the National Student Loan Clearinghouse to serve as our agent in certifying the enrollment of students to employers, financial lenders, insurance companies and other third parties. The NSLC receives this data electronically from UWM and, in turn, dispenses the information electronically. This electronic process decreases the need for verification forms and makes the reporting process more efficient.

Requests from Employers, Companies or other Agencies
If you would like to obtain student enrollment/degree information, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse:

- for service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Telephone: 703/742-4200
- from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. EST

Fax: 703/742-4239

Student Verification Requests
Students who need enrollment verification for loan deferments, insurance coverage, "good student" auto insurance discounts, Social Security, etc., are encouraged to direct the organization requesting verification to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse.

If you wish to request the verification yourself, you must submit a signed request for the release of this confidential information. Completed forms can be submitted in person, by fax or US mail to the appropriate office:

Undergraduate, Undergrad Level University Special Students and Summer Guest Students
Drop off forms:Enrollment Services Information Center
Mellencamp Hall 274

Fax forms:Verifications, 414/229-6940

Mail forms:Verifications
UWM Enrollment Services
P.O. Box 729
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Undergraduate verification questions? Call 414-229-5775.

Graduate and Non-Degree Graduate Students:
Drop off forms:Graduate School, Mitchell Hall 261

Fax forms:Graduate School, 414/229-6967

Mail forms:Verifications
UWM Graduate School
P.O. Box 340
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Graduate verification questions? Call 414-229-6569.

Student Status
The chart below illustrates how student status enrollment is determined for the purposes of certification to federal, state or private agencies (excluding Veterans certifications):

Fall/Spring Semesters
Undergraduates (except AOC) 12 or more credits 6-11 credits 5 or fewer credits
AOC Undergraduates 8 or more credits 6-7 credits 5 or fewer credits
Graduates 8 or more credits 4-7 credits 3 or fewer credits
Summer Sessions *
Undergraduates 6 or more credits 3-5 credits 2 or fewer credits
Graduates 6 or more credits 3-5 credits 2 or fewer credits

Eligibility for veterans benefits and other types of financial aid may be based on different credit load requirements. For financial aid purposes, AOC undergraduates are not considered full-time unless enrolled for 12 or more credits and for all students, enrollment status for summer is defined the same as for the Fall/Spring semesters. Contact Veterans Affairs or Financial Aid for further information.

Teaching or program/project assistants that are employed at 1/3 or more time and enrolled for six or more credits during the fall and spring semesters are usually considered full-time graduate students.

During fall and spring semesters, doctoral students must be enrolled for three graduate-level dissertation or research credits (at the current per-credit dissertator rate) each semester until their dissertation is accepted by the Graduate School. During any summers in which a doctoral student uses University facilities or faculty time, is a fellow or research assistant, or plans to graduate, the doctoral student must register for three graduate level credits (dissertator rate) in the regular eight-week summer session. Three is the minimum (and the maximum) per semester.

Note: For verification purposes and in determining financial aid eligibility, English 90/95 and Math 90/95 will each be treated as the equivalent of a 3-credit class. Department of Education rules require that the same credit load standards apply for spring, fall and summer session loan deferment verifications. Therefore, for undergraduates, an enrollment of at least six credits (halftime enrollment) is required for loan deferment verification purposes for the summer session.

* In order to be reported as fully-enrolled for a term, a student must be enrolled as of the day after the add deadline in that term; prior to that date a student is considered registered but not fully enrolled.