Enrollment Appointments in PAWS
Enrollment Appointments are assigned to most students who are eligible to enroll in an upcoming semester. The Enrollment Appointment indicates the day/time that a student is allowed to begin enrolling in classes for the semester.

NOTE: Students who have a hold on their record will not be allowed to register at their given enrollment appointment time unless that hold has been cleared.

Students can view their Enrollment Appointments on the Student Center in PAWS approximately one week prior to the start of registration.

Students are only assigned an Enrollment Appointment if they are active for the term in which registration is taking place. New transfer students will recieve an Enrollment Appointment once transfer work is posted to their PAWS account. New Freshmen are typically required to initially enroll at New Student Orientation or with their advisor and therefore do not receive an Enrollment Appointment.

The Priority Enrollment period runs for approximately three weeks from the start of registration for a fall/spring term and for approximately one week from the start of registration for a winter session or summer term. The Priority Enrollment period is followed by the Open Enrollment period when registration continues but without any specified appointment times.

See the Registrar's Dates & Deadlines page for the Priority Enrollment period and Open Enrollment period for upcoming terms.

Enrollment Appointment Order
Graduate Students
  1. Graduate Dissertator and Prelim students
  2. Degree-Seeking Graduate students
  3. Non-Degree Graduate students
Undergraduate Students*
  1. Honors College, NCAA, Military Service, and select Accessibility Resource Center students**
  2. Degree-Seeking Senior students
  3. Degree-Seeking Junior students
  4. Degree-Seeking Sophomore students
  5. Degree-Seeking Freshmen students
  6. Non-Degree, Post-Baccalaureate, and Certificate Undergraduate students
  7. 60+ Auditor students
To maintain adequate PAWS system performance, Enrollment Appointments are assigned in 30-minute intervals to groups of 100-125 students in each time slot for the fall/spring term. Time slots run from 8:00am until 5:30pm on business days. No Enrollment Appointments are assigned on weekends, holidays, or other days that the university is closed.

The priority assignment order within the groupings listed above is based upon number of total earned credits. If students within a grouping have the same number of total earned credits, the assignment order between those students is determined randomly. Therefore, due to limitations on the number of students who can be placed at a single Enrollment Appointment day/time, there is a chance that students with the same number of total earned credits could be assigned different Enrollment Appointment days/times.

*  Order effective as of Summer 2013.
** Priority established by UWM Faculty Policy, except Military Service students, who receive priority through Wisconsin Act 56 (2013).