Dropping All Your Classes (Withdrawing)
UW System policy specifies that proof for determining date of withdrawal rests with the student.

Failure to withdraw in writing can result in delays in updating your account and processing refunds!

Complete the following steps to withdraw: 
  1. Drop each of your classes
    Use PAWS to drop each class and make the space available to others. After completing the drops, use PAWS to print a copy of your schedule to retain as proof.

  2. Write a brief letter
    State your intent to withdraw from classes (be sure to include the Semester; your Name, Campus ID Number, Signature and Date)


    Complete a withdrawal form
    Available in Mellencamp Hall 274.

  3. Turn in your signed withdrawal letter or form by:

    Dropping it off at:
    Enrollment Services Information Center
    Mellencamp Hall 274
    Sending it via certified mail to:
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Department of Enrollment Services
    P.O. Box 729
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0729
    Faxing it to:
    Enrollment Services at 414-229-2505.
    Please call 414-229-3800 to confirm receipt of your transmission.
Remember: Withdrawals will NOT be taken by telephone or via email.

For fees assessed for withdrawing click here: Fee / Tuition Assessed for Withdrawal or Drop in Credit Load