Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

Change Management Policy


Hardware Change Request:

All hardware requests for purchase must be approved by the Systems supervisor after determining the requirements of the individual requesting the purchase.

Operating System (OS) Change Request:

Depending on the depth of the change requested one of the following will apply:

Scheduled Patch: If the requested OS change is a regularly scheduled patch, these patches can be applied after a suitable testing period.
Out-of-Band Patch: If the requested OS change is an out-of-band patch, rigorous testing should be applied before the patch is rolled out.
OS Replacement: If the requested OS change is for a complete OS upgrade / replacement, a broad base testing plan should be developed, implemented, and successfully completed under the approval of the Systems supervisor before the upgrade is rolled out.

Software Change Request:


All major software changes to be implemented by the Systems department must have the following requirements met before implementation may occur:

I. Implementation Timeline: All major software changes require the development of an implementation timeline to account for staff time requirements.
II. Testing Plan: All major software changes require the creation of a rigorous testing plan to vet the software of potential problematic interactions with other software being currently used.
III. Requirements: All major software changes will require undergoing a requirements gathering phase to make sure the software meets the needs of the requesting user / department.

After all of these requirements have been met and Systems' supervisor approval has been granted the software change may be implemented.


Minor software changes may be implemented with the Systems supervisor's approval only.

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010