Network and Computer Policies & Procedures

PC Life Cycle


New Computers:

All computers are replaced with new computers on a three year staggered schedule. If a new computer is required for a new hire or to replace a nonfunctional computer outside of this schedule, a request must be made to the Systems Department. At that time a determination will be made if one of the spare computers will be used or if a new computer purchase must be funded.

Rollout Schedule:

New computers are purchased each fiscal year. Starting in fiscal Year 09, the schedule is as follows:

Year 1 Business and Financial Servies, Systems
Year 2 Facility Services, Legal Affairs, Internal Audit, Vice Chancellor's Office
Year 3 Campus Police, University Architects Planning and Transportation, University Safety and Assurances


Each year, a base image is created for the computer model that was purchased for that year. This would include the Operating System, and the applications that are common to all the computers that the Systems Department supports. Base images for each department/sub-department may also be created if a large number of users need other software installed. Imaging is done using Symantec Ghost.


After a new computer has been set up for the user, the old computer is put into storage. After a one month holding period to make sure everything has been set up properly on the new computer, the computer's harddrive gets erased and is either put into our spare stock or goes to campus surplus

last reviewed: 02/15/2010
last revised: 02/12/2010