Instructor Grading

Instructors who are assigned to classes in PAWS enter grades for students. All official grades must be entered into PAWS. Below is more information on how that process works.

For information about changing grades online in PAWS, please see the Registrar's Office Online Grade Change Functionality page.


Grade Rosters

The Registrar’s Office generates Grade Rosters for class sections in PAWS that include all students who are enrolled at the time.  Rosters for full-term classes are generated in early-December for the fall term, mid-January for the UWinteriM term, and late-April for the spring term.  See exact dates for recent and upcoming semesters in the chart below.  Rosters for partial-term classes are generated on the Monday of the week that the class ends.  

Grade Rosters are immediately accessible to instructors via the Faculty Center in PAWS after they are generated for class sections to which the instructor is assigned in PAWS.  Grade Rosters in "Not Reviewed" status are refreshed on a nightly basis during the grading period to pick up any newly-enrolled students.

Instructions for Entering Grades into PAWS (pdf)

More information on Grade Rosters:

  • Grades must be entered for all students on the Grade Roster and, when complete, the roster must be set to “Approved” status in order for the process to be complete. Some instructors (e.g., TAs) may only have access to enter grades, not approve the roster. The academic department determines the level of access when assigning instructors to class sections in PAWS.

  • If you are an instructor who is unable to see a Grade Roster on your PAWS Faculty Center at the end of a term, contact your academic department to verify that you are assigned properly to the graded section of the class in PAWS.

    If you are properly assigned to the class section in PAWS and continue to be unable to view the Grade Roster in your PAWS Faculty Center, use the Registrar’s Office Contact Form to report the issue.

  • Students who are not enrolled in a class at the time Grade Rosters are generated will not automatically appear on the rosters after enrollment takes place.  A nightly process runs throughout the grading period to refresh Grade Rosters with newly-enrolled students.  Rosters only will be refreshed if they are in "Not Reviewed" status.

    Use the Registrar’s Office Contact Form to identify situations where late enrolled students are not appearing on a Grade Roster. If grades are already entered for other students in the class, it may be necessary for a paper grade change form to be submitted for the late enrollee.

  • Students are not able to view their grades on PAWS until the day after a grade roster is set to approved for a class section. Simply entering a grade for a student and saving the roster will not allow the student to see the grade. The Grade Roster must be set to approved status, which feeds into a nightly process that posts the grades to the records of the students in PAWS.
  • Please note that students who fail a class are assigned a grade by the instructor that reflects the failure and the final week of participation for the student (e.g., F1 = failure with final participation in week one, F7 = failure with final participation in week seven, F16 = failure with participation for the full term, etc.).  Capturing the final week of participation is required for financial aid purposes.
Deadlines for Instructor Grading
Per established university policy, instructors are expected to enter grades for all enrolled students within 48 business hours of the official end of a term, which coincides with the last day of the final examination period in the fall and spring terms.

Approved grade rosters will begin to post the next business day following the Grade Roster Generation.

The priority deadline for instructor grading set by the Registrar’s Office is the second business day after the term ends. The priority deadline generally provides a reasonable turnaround time for students to expect a grade to be entered for a class.

The final call deadline for instructor grading is approximately 3-5 business days following the priority deadline.  The final call deadline is 4:30pm on the stated deadline date.  Entering grades by the final call deadline is required to ensure all necessary end-of-term processing (e.g., repeat checking, Dean’s Honors, etc.) will include all grades that students earn in the term. During the evening of the final call deadline, the Registrar’s Office runs its final processing on all grades entered into PAWS. All grades not entered into PAWS at the time of the final call will result in a value of “NR,” or not reported. After this point, all grade entries need to be submitted as a grade change.

Current and Upcoming Deadlines for Instructor Grading
Term Grade Roster Generation
Priority Deadline Final Call Deadline
Fall 2014 December 1, 2014
December 23, 2014 January 2, 2015
UWinteriM 2015 January 12, 2015
January 26, 2015 January 27, 2015
Spring 2015 April 27, 2015
May 19, 2015 May 26, 2015
Summer 2015 Dates Vary
August 18, 2015 August 25, 2015

See the Registrar’s Calendar for other related dates and deadlines associated with each term.

Contacting the Registrar’s Office
The most effective method for contacting the Registrar’s Office is the online contact form. Select ”Grades" from the drop-down on the form prior to submission to ensure the information is properly routed.

If a phone call is the only option, instructor grading questions for current or upcoming terms can be directed to 414-229-2504.  Questions pertaining to grade changes or any grading issues for past terms should go to 414-229-2876 or 414-229-4147.

Instructor Grading and D2L
Grades are not considered final until they are entered into PAWS. Although grading functionality exists as part of the D2L learning management software, it is necessary to transmit course grades from D2L into PAWS at the end of the term in order for those grades to be considered a part of the student’s official UWM record.

A custom process exists to automate the process of transmitting course grades from D2L into PAWS. See this Learning Technology Center (LTC) website for more information on the custom process.

Please note that the LTC, not the Registrar’s Office, maintains the custom process that syncs grades from D2L to PAWS. Contact the LTC with questions or issues at its website, via email at, or via phone at 414-229-4319.