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Adult Students

Considering returning to school? Here are some little known facts that may help you consider returning to school.

As an adult (over the age of 24) your loan eligibility is substantially higher than the traditional undergraduate student.

You only need to enroll for a minimum of 6 credits to receive financial aid.

You may request budget increases to help cover the costs for daycare, computer purchases, and commuting from a radius of more than 15 miles.

If you are returning to school due to unemployment, we may be able to adjust your aid eligibility based on the change in income.

If you borrowed at a previous institution, you will need to know:
  1. Your annual undergraduate loan limits as an independent student are $9,500 as a freshman, $10,500 as a sophomore, and $12,500 as a junior or senior.
  2. Your aggregate (total) loan limits for undergraduate study are $57,500
  3. Loans qualify for an in-school deferment as long as you are registered for at least six credits.
Not sure of what you have borrowed to date? Visit NSLDS with your PIN and you will find all of the information out about previous loans.