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Estimated Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is the cornerstone of establishing a student’s financial need as it sets a limit on the total aid that a student may receive. The COA is an estimate of a student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment. Individual budgets are not established, but a COA is assigned based on various categories.

For help with budgeting, watch the Federal Student Aid Video on budgeting:

Estimated 2015-2016 Cost of Attendance for 9 month Enrollment Period 

Undergraduate Living with

Undergraduate Living On-or-Off Campus**

Graduate Student Living with Parent Graduate Student Living On-or-Off Campus
 800 800
 800  800
 Room***  0  6290  0  6290
 Meals***  3740 3740 3740  3740
 Transportation  1306 1306 1306 1306
 Personal/Misc  2000 2000 2000 2000

***Room & Meals The amounts listed under room and meals are estimates of the expenses a student may incur for living expenses.  Actual expenses will vary and may be direct or indirect depending on where you live

****Tuition/Fees: Please substitute the appropriate tuition. The Financial Aid Office is using the estimates as listed in the ESTIMATED ANNUAL TUITION CHARGES chart below.

2015-2016 Annual Tuition Charges

2015-2016 Undergraduate Tuition

Resident Undergraduate Tuition*
Based on 12-18 credits both semesters  $9,452
MN Reciprocity Undergraduate Tuition
Based on 12-18 credits both semesters
Midwest Student Exchange Rate (MSEP)
Based on 12-18 credits both semesters
Non-Resident Undergraduate Tuition* Based on 12-18 credits both semesters  $19,626
2015-2016 Graduate Tuition

Resident Graduate Tuition Based on 8 or more credits both semesters  $11,748
MN Reciprocity Grad Tuition
Based on 8 or more credits both semesters
Non-Resident Graduate Tuition Based on 8 or more credits both semesters  $24,784
Other Categories should refer to the Bursar's Office website for the most recent Fee Schedule, Tuition Rate Schedules.

2015-2016 Loan Fees


Average Stafford Loan Fees Undergraduate $70
Average Stafford Loan Fees Graduate $160
Average PLUS (Parent Loan) Fees
Average GRADUATE PLUS Fees Graduate $436

Please note that these are standard budgets based primarily on averages. If your tuition/fees, including Differential Tuition or other educational related expenses, exceed the standard budget amount, your budget can be reviewed and possibly adjusted based on documentation you submit.

See the links below for a printable version of the current year’s Estimated Cost of Attendance as well as prior years (which are sometimes needed for tax purposes.)

2015-2016 Estimated Cost of Attendance

2014-2015 Estimated Cost of Attendance

2013-2014 Estimated Cost of Attendance

In addition, financial aid regulations allow an increase in the COA for:

  • The documented rental or purchase of a personal computer.
  • Costs expected to be incurred for dependent care for a student with dependents.

Documentation must be submitted to our office in order for these costs to be considered. Please note that, although this may allow us to increase your COA, that does not mean we would be able to offer you any additional financial assistance. It may, however, allow you and/or a parent to request additional loan assistance through a Parent PLUS and/or Private Educational Loan to help pay for those expenses. Please review the links to the required documentation for additional information:

Computer Budget Increase Request

UWM Tech Store Brochure

Day Care Expense Verification

Calculating Your Amount Due or Your Excess Cash by Semester

You will need to determine whether the financial aid you have been offered is sufficient to cover your educational expenses once you determine your own individual budget.

Worksheet available here.

Determining Need 

Federal methodology (FM) is used to determine an applicant's eligibility for aid. The Federal Government mandates formulas which measure a family's ability to pay for a post-secondary education. Your EFC (expected family contribution) is calculated using the information provided on the FAFSA.

The equation for determining need is:
Cost of Attendance - Expected Family Contribution (determined by FM) = Financial Need (a student is eligible for this amount in need based financial assistance.)

The financial aid award assumes the student will be paying full-time fees. If this assumption is not accurate, the offer may be reduced. A student must be enrolled at least half-time to receive aid (except for PELL grant assistance.)