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Wisconsin Covenant

Each student who fulfills the Wisconsin Covenant pledge will be recognized as a Wisconsin Covenant Scholar. There are two Wisconsin Covenant grants.One grant, the Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant, is state-funded and awarded to every confirmed Wisconsin Covenant Scholar, based on financial need as determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). An EFC is calculated based on family financial information included on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The second grant, the Wisconsin Covenant Foundation Grant, is privately-funded by the Wisconsin Covenant Foundation.This grant is awarded only to confirmed Wisconsin Covenant Scholars with the highest financial need.All grant funding is subject to change annually.


  • Signed the Wisconsin Covenant pledge in 8th grade
  • Completed the pledge requirements
    1. Earn a high school diploma
    2. Maintain at least a 'B' average in high school
    3. Complete the classes needed to be prepared for higher education
    4. Demonstrate good citizenship and participate in the community
    5. Apply for state and federal financial aid by April 1st of senior year
    6. Take the necessary steps to gain admission to a University of Wisconsin System institution, a Wisconsin Technical College, and/or a Wisconsin private college or university.
  • Must have submitted the senior confirmation and FAFSA by deadline (April 1 preceding freshman year of college) and be certified as eligible by the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB)
  • Must be Wisconsin resident who graduates from Wisconsin High School and plans on attending college in Wisconsin
  • Must attend a college, technical school, or a university in the State of Wisconsin at least half-time
  • Based on financial need
  • No prior bachelor’s degree
  • Student must maintain satisfactory academic progress

Wisconsin Covenant FAQs

Continuing Scholar Eligibility:
  • A Wisconsin Covenant Scholar may receive the grant award for NO more than the equivalent of eight semesters.  The equivalent may include a combination of traditional semesters, summer terms or other measurements of an academic year.  The eight semesters need to be continuous, but the student is eligible for the grant only within five academic years of his or her high school graduation.
  • Recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) in order to continue to be eligible for either WI Covenant award.  Once a recipient becomes ineligible for SAP, they will not be eligible for the WI Covenant even in the event they receive an approved appeal for the ineligible SAP status.

  • This is a program created by the State of Wisconsin to inspire young people to plan early for a successful high-school career that leads to higher education.
  • Students offered these grants have indicated they meet the eligibility requirements. The combination of the two grants will not exceed $2,500 per year. The minimum eligible student will receive is $250.
  • The award amount will be based on the student's 'EFC' as determined after filing the FAFSA.