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School of Freshwater Sciences

Freshwater Economics, Policy and Management


Freshwater Economics, Policy and Management

SFS's research program in Freshwater Economics, Policy, and Management aims to facilitate the transfer of scientific knowledge to the public domain and to develop strategies and tools for addressing freshwater resource problems and conflicts. The Center for Water Policy, which is currently being developed, will be the cornerstone of this research program.

SFS's research in this area addresses a growing need for interdisciplinary solutions to freshwater conflicts—conflicts that are becoming more frequent as growth in the human population spurs more intense competition over our planet’s finite freshwater resources.

Work in this research area builds upon certain core disciplines such as economics and law, but is highly interdisciplinary.

Faculty and scientists

Binkowski, Frederick P.
Fisheries biology, lake sturgeon biology, early life history of Great Lakes fishes, aquaculture, urban aquaculture
Grant, Laura
Environmental and Public Economics
Janssen, John
Fisheries ecology, biological oceanography
Kehl, Jenny
Water policy, political economy, resolution of issues related to water extraction and resource allocation
Klaper, Rebecca
Genomics, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, toxicology, nanotoxicology, ecology, biomarkers, water policy
Klump, J. Val
Biogeochemistry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems
Lazkano, Itziar
Economic growth, environmental and resource economics, macroeconomics