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Freshwater Technology


Freshwater Technology

The Freshwater Technology research program at SFS focuses on developing new technologies for scientific exploration, observation, monitoring, sampling, and forecasting, as well as for conservation, food production, and water treatment.

From robots that explore difficult-to-reach surf zones, to buoy networks that collect data day and night in any weather, to aquaculture systems that reduce environmental impacts, the freshwater technology developed at SFS is integral to exploring the unknown and finding solutions to the world’s freshwater problems.

Freshwater technology research draws upon engineering, computer science, and other related disciplines.

Faculty and scientists

Binkowski, Frederick P.
Fisheries biology, lake sturgeon biology, early life history of Great Lakes fishes, aquaculture, urban aquaculture
Bootsma, Harvey
Tropical limnology, nutrient cycling, food webs, carbon dynamics
Consi, Thomas R.
Marine robotics, marine scientific instrumentation, engineering education
Grundl, Tim
Groundwater chemistry, contaminant transport and degradation, environmental tracers
Guo, Laodong
Biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, colloids and nanoparticles, stable isotopes, radionuclides, environmental change
Klump, J. Val
Biogeochemistry, limnology, radiochemistry, nutrient and carbon cycling, observing systems
Smith, Matthew C.
Instrumentation and sensor development, automation of molecular biological methods, in situ chemical and biological detection in aqueous environments