Re-Entry Students
Welcome back! If you were once registered in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee but have not attended for a full academic year (stopping out both fall and spring semesters), then you are a reentry student. To ease your transition back to UWM, check out the information below.

Admissions RequirementsIf you have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA on 12 or more attempted credits (at UWM and at another accredited institution), you may be offered readmission to UWM.

Application ProcessThere is one application process for a student who was previously enrolled at UWM as a degree candidate and a different process for a non-degree/special student.

After You Are AdmittedAfter you are admitted to UWM, there are a few things to do to continue your undergraduate career.

College CreditsIf you were previously a non-degree or special student, we want to alert you to some possible options for college credit. If you entered as a degree student and are now returning, it never hurts to be reminded of these options!

Common QuestionsYou will find some of the most common questions pertaining to re-entry students here.