University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


Services DesksKenilworth, Riverview, and Sandburg service desks

All University Housing service desks are open 24 hours per day during the academic year. Contact each building for summer hours. Service Desks are located in the lobby of each building. Purin residents should use the Sandburg Service Desk.

Any cash or check transactions must be made between the hours of 7:00AM and midnight. The following services are provided for residents:

  • Sorting and distributing U.S. mail
  • Accepting special deslivery of items (UPS, Fed Ex, Flowers, etc.) This service is limited. No C.O.D's will be accepted by the desk staff.
  • Providing key replacements or room key-ins.
  • Selling cable TV cords and computer ResNET cables.
  • Coordinating lost and found items.
  • Checking out recreational equipment.
  • Coordinating vending machine refunds.
  • Checking out tools and household needs (screwdrivers, ironing boards, irons, etc.).
  • Selling parking permits for the parking garage (Sandburg and Kenilworth only).
  • Selling promtional items for UWM (sweatshirts, lanyards, water bottles, etc.).
  • TTY capability to receive calls from hearing impaired residents and from people wishing to leace a message for a hearing impaired resident.

Cambridge Commons Service Desk


Kenilworth Service Desk


RiverView Service Desk


Sandburg Service Desk