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For Current Employees

What are your current benefit enrollments? You can identify and review your enrollments by accessing the My UW System portal. Once you are in the Portal, click on View Benefits Summary Detail from Benefits Information Module for more in-depth information. If you have a future dated enrollment, you can change the date to insure your benefit election is present. (Instruction for accessing My UW System Portal)

It is recommended that you follow steps 1 to 4 below if you wish to enroll in additional programs, or step 5 if you have life events resulting in a change in either your family status or your employment. You will have 30 days to add or make changes to your current benefits.

Learn About Your Benefits
Enrolling in Benefits
Changing Your Benefits
step 5Change your benefits due to a life event

Change in Family - Birth/Adoption of a child, marriage/divorce, moving, death of employee/dependent, etc.

Change in Employment - Change in employment type, full-time to part-time, termination, call of duty, etc.