University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Classified Employee Performance Standards and Evaluation

Performance Standards
Developing performance standards involves a three-step process:
  • Step 1: Identify the key responsibilities. These are the major job components important to success or failure, and should be taken from the employee's position description.
  • Step 2: Identify the performance indicators for each of the job components from Step 1. This step consists of a brief, general description of those components: the "how" or "what."
  • Step 3: Identify the performance standard. Based on previous steps in this process, clearly state the performance standard, including quantities and qualities to the indicators such as specific periods of time, amount of work or documents to be completed, or specific steps to complete a standard.
Download the Peformance Standards Worksheet in MS Word format or in PDF format.

Performance Evaluation
The Performance Evaluation Form is designed to assist the supervisor in planning, evaluating, establishing goals and improving the performance of their employees. Used in conjunction with the Performance Standards Worksheet, it is laid out in a brief and concise way to allow maximum flexibility while still providing a record of the conference with the employee. Evaluations should be done three times in the first year; at three months, again at six months and yearly thereafter. Supervisors should use the following ratings for each standard and overall performance should be indicated by either an E = exceeds standards set for the position, M = meets the standards or DN = does not meet the standards. The evaluation also provides for positive and negative feedback. The end result may support decisions about retention, promotion and merit pay increases.

Download the Performance Evaluation Form in MS Word format or in PDF format.