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Accident ReportingAll university employees, with the exception of Research Assistants, are covered under the provisions of the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act, Chapter 102, Wisconsin Statutes, at no cost to the employee. Worker's Compensation pays benefits in the event an employee is injured, acquires a disease or dies as a result of employment at UW-Milwaukee. Benefits provided may include disability payments, death benefits, and payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

All accidents, injuries, or near-misses should be reported to your supervisor. Employees should fill out the “Employees’ Work Injury and Illness Report” and submit it to the Worker’s Compensation office, 125 Engelmann within 24 hours of the injury. Supervisors are required to complete the “Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease” form and should also send it to the Worker's Compensation Office, 125 Engelmann within 24 hours after being notified of a work-related injury or illness. The information on these forms may initiate an accident investigation by the Department of University Safety and Assurances, where applicable.

NOTE: Should an injury result in more than three days lost time from work, contact the Worker's Compensation Coordinator at 229-5652 or 229-4463. Medical documentation is required to substantiate disability payments under Worker's Compensation.

A General Incident Report is completed when an undergraduate student (not employed by UWM), a Graduate Student Research Assistant (employed by UWM), a volunteer or guest is injured. Students who are appointed as Graduate Student Research Assistants are considered to be working on a degree and are not considered employees for worker's compensation purposes. The "General Incident Report" form should be completed within 24 hours of the injury and submitted to the University Safety and Assurances.

Whenever an incident/injury occurs the following actions must be taken:

  1. Incident/injury must be reported immediately to supervisor.
  2. Supervisor and/or department completes the State of Wisconsin standard form for Worker’s Compensation injuries. These forms can be obtained from the Worker's Compensation Office located in Engelmann Hall, Room 125 or online at HR Worker's Compensation website.
  3. Questions regarding the Worker's Compensation form or claim handling should be referred to the Worker's Compensation Office in Engelmann 125 or at 229-5652.
  4. Supervisors and/or departments should investigate the cause or causes of incidents to prevent reoccurrence. The Department of University Safety & Assurances located in Engelmann Hall Room 270 (229-6339) can be contacted by the department for technical assistance if needed.
  5. Follow-up should be done by the department to ensure that corrective action has been taken.
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