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Outside Employment

In general, employees may engage in outside employment, but no one who is employed full time may hold any other position or be retained in any other capacity with another state agency from which the individual receives, directly or indirectly, more than $12,000 in as compensation for the individual's services during the same year. Wisconsin Statutes §16.417(2)(a). This does not apply to anyone who has an appointment for less than 12 months, during any period of time that is not included in the appointment. §16.417(2) (f) (Wisconsin Statutes are available on the State of Wisconsin Legislative website,

Unclassified employees must annually report professional outside activities. Any professional activity that is extensive, recurring, or continuing must be reported to the immediate supervisor before it is undertaken. For example, sitting on the board of directors of a private company which sponsors research for which you are the principal investigator or earning $12,000 or more as a consultant (or in some other activity) in your field of academic specialization must reported. If the activity is prohibited, the employee will be notified within 15 days after reporting the activity. Approval is assumed if no such notification is received. Be sure to report any substantial changes in approved outside activities and complete the “Report on Outside Interests and Activities” annually.

Payroll and Time ReportingPay Dates
Classified and LTE employees are paid biweekly. The pay dates are on Thursdays, 26 times per year. If the normal pay date is a Federal Reserve Holiday, employees will be paid on the preceding banking day. Pay Dates & Distribution of Payroll Checks Information are found on the Finance and Administrative Affairs website under forms, The time sheet for all classified employees, exempt or nonexempt, is also found on that site, under Classified Time Report,

Unclassified Faculty and Academic Staff are normally paid on the first day of each month. If the first day of the month falls on a Federal Reserve Holiday or on a Saturday or Sunday, the pay date is changed to the preceding banking business day. Exception: There is no distribution prior to January 1. The pay date is changed to the next banking business day.

Faculty and other Academic year appointments receive nine pay checks per academic year. Each semester is paid in four and one half installments. The first semester’s four full month payments are October, November, December and January. The half a month payment is made in February. The second semester’s half month payment is also made in February. The four full month payments are made in March, April May and June. See BFS policy 7.5.2 for a current pay schedule.

Academic staff and others with annual appointments receive 12 paychecks per fiscal year. For more information see Payroll-Introduction,

Selective ServiceState employers are required to ascertain that newly-hired male employees between the ages of 18 and 26 are registered with the US Selective Service System (§230.143 Wisconsin Statutes).

All newly hired males must complete the Selective Service Compliance form to certify that they have registered. The form should then be retained wherever the official Personnel Files for the employee are kept.

For all Student Assistant and Student Help employees, the form should be kept in the official Personnel File in the employing department. Forms for Student Assistants and Student Help employees should not be sent to the Department of Human Resources.

For information about the Selective Service System, see To register online, see

UWM Campus Police and Campus SecurityThe comprehensive Campus Safety website is found at

The University Police Department is located in the West Tower of the Sandburg Residence Halls. The mission of the University Police Department is to provide essential law enforcement, emergency and protective services to University students, staff, faculty and visitors. The University Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has an authorized strength of 33 full-time sworn police officers. Support personnel include dispatchers, clericals and 22 limited-term security officers.

The Department provides numerous safety and emergency services, as well as crime prevention programs and classes including: Campus lost and found; Non-violent crisis intervention training; Sexual assault prevention/personal safety classes; OC spray (Pepper spray) training; Security surveys; and Operation Identification (an engraver available to mark property).

The Rules and Regulations that govern behavior on all UW campuses are found in Chapter UWS 18 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Conduct on University Lands. These rules can be viewed at the UWS web page in either HTML or PDF format. The HTML version is recommended, as the PDF format links to the entire 22 chapters of the UWS Rules and Regulations. The University Police have the authority to enforce those UWS Rules and Regulations on all UWM property, as well as all Wisconsin Statutes anywhere within the County of Milwaukee.

In the event of an emergency, call 9-911 from any campus phone, 229-9911 from a personal cell phone or use a campus emergency phone---located throughout campus in yellow boxes on black poles with blue lights---to summon Police.

This will enable 911 services to alert campus authorities of the situation. The direct line to the University Police department is 229-4627

Safety ProgramEvery agency of the State of Wisconsin has a legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for its employees according to Wis. Stat. §101.055. The UWM Department of University Safety and Assurances (US&A), 229-6339, is available for consultation in any of these areas. Also, for detailed safety guidance, check the US&A Web site at: .

The administrative offices of the Department of University Safety and Assurances are located in Engelmann Hall, Room 270. The Department is comprised of the Director's and Assistant Director's offices, the Risk Management office, the Human Research Protection Program office, the Safety Education office and the Laboratory Safety office.

The Radiation and Biological Safety office, and the Environmental Affairs (including Hazardous Waste) office are located in Lapham Hall. Radiation and Biological Safety is located in Lapham 217, and the Animal Safety is located in Engelmann Hall 270.

Violence in the Workplace PolicyUWM is committed to providing a safe and healthy place to work and learn. Violence in any form is unacceptable. Violence by an employee against an employee, student, vendor or visitor will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal and/or prosecution. Selected Administrative and Academic Policies S-57,

A person who believes he or she has been the target of workplace violence by an employee should report it to the University Police (229-4627, from a campus phone 9-911, or from a cell phone 229-9911). In an emergency situation always call the University Police. Employees may also notify their supervisor, manager or administrator who should also contact the University Police

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can also assist employees in dealing with the effects of campus violence in their lives or those of family members.

University CalendarThe calendar permits a search for events on campus or a review of the academic year dates for the semesters. Cyclical events include: Graduation, Length of Service Awards, Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards, and the State Employees Combined Campaign Charity Drive.

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