University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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The Mission of UWM

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has the following mission:

To fulfill its mission as a major urban doctoral university and to meet the diverse needs of Wisconsin's largest metropolitan area, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee must provide a wide array of degree programs, a balanced program of applied and basic research, and a faculty who are active in public service. Fulfilling this mission requires the pursuit of these mutually reinforcing academic goals:

(a) To develop and maintain high quality undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs appropriate to a major urban doctoral university.

(b) To engage in a sustained research effort which will enhance and fulfill the University’s role as a doctoral institution of academic and professional excellence.

(c) To continue development of a balanced array of high quality doctoral programs in basic disciplines and professional areas.

(d) To attract highly qualified students who demonstrate the potential for intellectual development, innovation and leadership for their communities.

(e) To further academic and professional opportunities at all levels for women, minority, part-time, and financially or educationally disadvantaged students.

(f) To establish and maintain productive relationships with appropriate public and private organizations at the local, regional, state, national and international levels.

(g) To promote public service and research efforts directed toward meeting the social, economic and cultural needs of the State of Wisconsin and its metropolitan areas.

(h) To encourage others from institutions in the University of Wisconsin System and from other educational institutions and agencies to seek benefit from the University's research and educational resources such as libraries, special collections, archives, museums, research facilities and academic programs.

(i) To provide educational leadership in meeting future social, cultural and technological challenges.

A complete version of the mission statements for the UW System, doctoral cluster campuses and UWM can be found on the Chancellor’s web site at:

The organization of the university, as designed to attain its goals and the achievement of its mission, is displayed by the organizational chart that can be found in the beginning of this Guide and at This chart sets forth the reporting and authority relationships at UWM. The organizational structure within individual schools, colleges or divisions may be changed from time to time to meet the changing needs of the institution.

Organizational Structure

UWM is comprised of seven divisions, all headed by a Vice Chancellor. All of the academic Schools and Colleges are in the Division of Academic Affairs. The Schools and Colleges themselves are headed by a Dean, and administrative units are headed by a Director.
The divisions are:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Finance and Administrative Affairs
  • Development
  • Partnerships and Innovation
  • Research
  • Student Affairs
  • University Relations and Communications

This structure is presented in organization chart form on the Chancellor’s website,, . An updated list of Deans and Division Heads is found on the Finance and Administrative Affairs website,

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