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Types of Employment
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The Employee's Role

The effectiveness of UWM in reaching its goals is enhanced by the skill that employees bring to their jobs. In addition to this Guide, there are various administrative offices to assist you. Feel free to discuss matters with your divisional personnel representative or department head to find out what procedures may be in place in your department, and whom to contact in the offices that serve you.

A list of the current personnel representatives and unit business representatives for each school, college or division is available on the Department of Human Resources (HR) Web site at:

Types of Employment at UWM

Q. What is the difference between Classified and Unclassified positions?

A. Classified (civil service) positions are presumed to be similar or analogous to positions in other State of Wisconsin agencies. Unclassified (academic staff and faculty) positions are presumed to be unique to a university with an academic mission.

  • The State of Wisconsin civil service is divided into classified and unclassified service.
    • Unclassified employees are unique to the university setting and include faculty, academic staff, and limited term appointments, as well as graduate assistants, research associates, student assistants, and employees-in-training. The rules and policies on the unclassified service within the UW System campuses are regulated by the UW Board of Regents.
    • The Classified service applies to employees who have jobs similar to those found in other state agencies, and includes permanent, limited term, and project positions. The Classified service is regulated by an agency of the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER)
Classified Employment Permanent Employee
A permanent classified employee means an employee who holds an appointment in the permanent Wisconsin classified service, whether or not the employee has passed probation and actually attained permanent status. A permanent employee is eligible for all benefits.

Limited Term Employee (LTE)

Limited term employment is a temporary appointment used to fill a vacant position during the recruitment process or to fill a short-term need that does not result in permanent status in classification. Standard classified recruitment and examination procedures are not used. By statute, an LTE can only work up to 1,043 hours per year, and that limit applies to both the position and the employee. An LTE appointment cannot be converted to a permanent appointment.

Project Employee

A project appointment provides staffing for a planned project that is not a regular function of the employing agency. The source of the funding (e.g. grants) has no bearing on whether a project or a permanent appointment is appropriate. No project position may exceed four years.

Seasonal Employee

Seasonal employment means an appointment that attains permanent status in class through successive reinstatements and requires the services of an employee on an intermittent and recurring basis for at least 600 hours per year during no more than 24 out of any 26 consecutive payroll periods. next button back button