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Labor Unions at UWM There are 11 bargaining units of classified employees at UWM who are represented by collective bargaining agents, or labor unions. The largest classified union at UWM is the Wisconsin State Employees Union (WSEU), AFSCME, AFL‑CIO, which represents employees in five bargaining units:
  • Administrative Support (ASU--formerly known as Clerical);
  • Blue Collar (BC);
  • Security and Public Safety (SPS);
  • Technical (T); and
  • Professional Social Services (PSS).
Other classified staff are represented by six other unions:
  • Building trades (Craftsworkers) represented by the appropriate Wisconsin State Building Trades Councils;
  • Education professionals, represented by Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC);
  • Engineering professionals, represented by the State Engineering Association (SEA);
  • Science professionals, represented by the Wisconsin Association of Science Professionals (WSP);
  • Fiscal and staff services professionals, represented by the Wisconsin Professional Employees Council (WPEC).
  • Law Enforcement, represented by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA).
UWM also has one bargaining unit of represented unclassified employees. The Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association (MGAA) represents all graduate students who hold employment as graduate teaching, program or project assistants.

It is not always easy to identify which union represents which employees. Each labor contract contains a comprehensive list of the classification titles that fall under its jurisdiction. If you are in doubt as to which union represents you, contact the personnel representative for your school/college/division or the Labor Relations Office in the Department of Human Resources.

Completed state labor contracts are also available online from the Office of State Employment Relations at:
Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) website,
OSER Labor Relations website.

Annual Leave (Vacation)Annual leave (vacation) for which a permanent classified employee is eligible is determined by state regulation or labor union contract and is granted by calendar year. The amounts are determined by the number of years in state service and depend upon whether the employee’s classification is deemed exempt (salaried) or nonexempt (hourly). While vacation will appear in an employee’s leave balance immediately upon employment, an employee is not eligible to use vacation until the first six months of state service have been successfully completed. An employee who earns annual leave at the rate of 160 hours per year or greater (five years of service or more) may elect to bank up to 40 hours in a sabbatical account.

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