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Visit each language's webpage for more information, or contact us via phone
or e-mail:

For Afrikaans:
(414) 229-2856

For Arabic, Chinese, German, Ancient Greek, Japanese, Latin, Modern Hebrew, Polish, Russian and Swedish:
(414) 229-4948

For French and Italian:
(414) 229-4382

For Spanish and Portuguese:
(414) 229-4257

For Korean and Hmong:
(414) 229-6166

For Gaelic:
(414) 229-2608

For American Sign Language:
(414) 229-5251

For Ojibwe:
(414) 229-4259


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* Languages with asterisk are offered as majors.

Afrikaans Italian*
American Sign* Japanese*
Arabic Korean
Chinese* Latin*
French* Ojibwe
German* Polish
Gaelic Portuguese
Ancient Greek* Russian*
Modern Hebrew* Spanish*
Hmong Swedish