Arthur S. Brooks
Arthur S. Brooks
Professor and Senior Scientist Emeritus
Center for Great Lakes Studies
Limnology and Aquatic Ecology

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins Univ. 1972

Office: Lapham S395
Phone: 414-229-2253
Water Institute: 414-382-1704
FAX: 414-229-3926

Research Interests

My research involves basic studies of the food web of the Great Lakes. The focus of this research is on the primary and secondary producers in the lakes and the interaction of these organisms with their physical and chemical environment. Studies currently underway are investigating the biogeochemistry of phosphorus and, how sunlight and wind-driven mixing interact to drive primary production during spring. The potential influence of global change on these variables is also being examined to better understand what has controlled the productivity of the lakes in the past, and what will govern the system in the future.

Research techniques employed in this research include the statistical analysis of a 55-year record of water quality data for Lake Michigan, extensive shipboard sampling, experimental laboratory water columns, automated underwater instrumentation and the use of satellite imagery.

Selected Publications

Brooks, A. S. and J. C. Zastrow. 2002. The Potential Influence of Climate Change on Offshore Primary Production in Lake Michigan. J. Great Lakes Res. 28 (4):597-607

Lehman, J. T., Brooks, A. S. and J. C. Zastrow. 2000. Water Ecology, Chapter 5 in Preparing for a Changing Climate: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, Great Lakes. P.Sousounis and J.Bisanz eds. USEPA Global Change Research Preogram. ISBN 0-9705619-0-3.

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