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Italian Courses, Spring 2014

Italian 104: Second Semester Italian, 4cr (U)

Class Number: 19188, Lec001, MTWF, 9-9:50am (Ferrentino)
Class Number: 20225, Lec002, MWF, 11am-12:15pm (Ferrentino)
Class Number: 19189, Lec003, MWR, 12-1:15pm (Soldati)
Class Number: 21500, Lec004, MW, 12-1:50pm (Iaquinta)
Class Number: 22216, Lec005, MWR, 2-3:15pm (Soldati)
Class Number: 20908, Lec104, MW, 6:30-8:45pm (Soldati) *Held at Italian Community Center Off-Campus

This course builds upon the Italian vocabulary and skills acquired in Italian 103, expanding your abilities to read and express yourself in conversation and writing. Enjoy learning about the life and culture of Italy today as you work with Italian films, music and sites on the World Wide Web. Prereq: Italian 103, 113, or placement.

Italian 145: Views of Italy, 3cr (U)

Topic: Italians and the Mafia
Class Number: 18838, Lec001, MW, 9am-10:15am (Iaquinta)
Class Number: 18839, Lec002, MW, 11am-12:15pm (Celi)
Class Number: 20471, Lec003, MW, 12:30-1:45pm (Celi)
Class Number: 20472, Lec004, MW, 2-3:15pm (Celi)

We will examine the origins and development of the mafia in Italian society and politics, as portrayed in film, fiction, and journalism. We will also analyze key elements of portraits of the mafia created in popular culture in the United States. Prereq: none; satisfies Humanities GER.

Italian 204: Fourth Semester Italian, 3cr (U)

Class Number: 19190, Lec001, MWF, 10-10:50am (Ferrentino)
Class Number: 22217, Lec002, MWF, 11-11:50am (Iaquinta)

Enjoy increasing your knowledge of the language, life and culture of Italy through engaging activities that are designed around a variety of Italian films, writings and sites on the World Wide Web. Students may expect to strengthen their oral comprehension, writing, conversation skills, and abilities to understand a range of writings – from advertising to short stories. Prereq: Italian 203 or placement.

Italian 242: Topics in Italian American Studies, 3cr (U)

Topic: America through Italian Eyes: Dream or Nightmare?
Class Number: 20909, Lec001, MW, 12:30-1:45pm (Milli Konewko)

This course is an interdisciplinary study of Italian American immigration, ethnicity, history, and traditions. We will look at Italian-American culture through a selection of works in history, literature and film. We will examine such topics as assimilation, identity and family bonds. This course will also enable students to understand the many ways in which Italians have contributed to American society. Prereq: none; satisfies Humanities GER.

Italian 245: Italian Fictions 3cr (U)

Topic: Folklore in Italian Life, Fiction, and Film
Class Number: 32684, Lec001, MW, 2:00-3:15pm (Milli-Konewko)

This course examines some of the major forms of Italian folklore, including folktales, legends, proverbs, and films. We will investigate the ways in which Italians communicate with each other not only through narratives but also through displays of the body, of house and street, the exchange of food, and the performance of music during festivals and processions. All readings, discussions and written work are in English; films are in Italian with English subtitles.

Italian 310: Italian Immersion Weekend 1cr (U)

Class Number: 19625, Lec301, F 5-8pm, S 9am-5pm, U 9am-12pm, March 7-9 (Soldati/Celi)

Spend a weekend immersed in Italian language, while learning about culture and life in Sicily. Food, film and topical events serve as points of departure for conversational activities with native speakers, which will markedly strengthen your fluency in Italian. Prereq: Italian 203 or consent of instructor.

Italian 313: Translation: Italian-English, English-Italian 3cr (U)

Class Number: 32685, Lec001, MW 2pm-3:15pm (Generali)

This course will focus on giving students a comprehensive overview of Italian to English translation. Students will engage in interactive learning of vocabulary and language usage through the application of different translation topics, such as literary, technical, and personal document translation. Using different kinds of short texts, students will be able to effectively build language and writing skills while gaining translation experience. The course will be taught in English, with English reading material. The source texts assigned will be in Italian, which the class will examine and translate into English. Italian 203 or consent of instructor.

Italian 322: Introduction to Italian Literature and Film 3cr (U)

Class Number: 32686, Lec001, MW, 11am-12:15pm (Pickering-Iazzi)

This course provides activities designed to expand your vocabulary and abilities to use a broader variety of language forms for self-expression in oral and written Italian. At the same time, class discussions, presentations, and writing assignments will explore central issues in the contemporary life and culture of Italy, as suggested by short stories, articles and films, among other materials. Topics include regional identity and dialects, mass culture, and feminism. Prereq: Italian 204 or placement.

Italian 457: Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation 3cr (U)

Topic: Seeing Italy through Italian Short Stories
Class Number: 32687, Lec001, MW, 12:30-1:45pm (Pickering-Iazzi)

Reading short stories by famed Italian authors, we will travel through different regions and historical times of Italy. Tales by such storytellers as Boccaccio, Verga, Deledda, Moravia and Manzini conjure Florence, Sicily, Sardinia, Roma and Milan, for instance, before our eyes. We will discuss the rich variety of themes they raise in their tales, such as the features highlighted in certain cityscapes; the ingredients making one city (and perhaps its inhabitants) distinct from another; the ways historical events, regional location, class, and gender influence the lived city and countryside. Prereq: junior status; satisfies research requirement for Italian major and College of Letters and Science. All readings and discussion are in English.