Film Studies

Rock 'n' Roll Cinema (Full)

Andrew V. Martin, Associate Professor

Course: FilmStd 192, SEM 001
Class Number: 42679
Credits: 3 HU
Time: MW 2:00 - 3:50pm
Place: CRT 118

Course Description:

When rock and roll exploded onto the scene in the 1950s, few in the entertainment or political establishments knew what to make of it. They tried to ban it, held congressional hearing aimed at restricting it, and some smart people wrote dumb books condemning it. This is where we will begin our investigation of rock and roll before working our way forward through the history of its development. In particular, our focus will be on the ways in which Hollywood slowly came to terms with this “Cultural Revolution,” and with the “youth cultures” that formed around rock and roll, to make a number of notable rock movies. Among the films that we will study are Rock Around the Clock, Jailhouse Rock, The Girl Can’t Help It, Hard Day’s Night, Gimme Shelter, This is Spinal Tap, Velvet Goldmine, Across the Universe, and more.

About the Instructor:

Andrew Martin teaches classes in English, Film Studies, and Global Studies, and once played professionally in a sixties rock band called “Inorganic Confusion” (I kid you not; the name was probably the best thing going for us!). After receiving his B.A. from the University of Sussex, Professor Martin studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Iowa, before taking a position at UWM. He has since written books and articles on film and cultural studies and continues his quest to learn more than three guitar chords.