Library Fines/Fees

Where to Pay

Library fines can be paid in person or through the mail. Online payment is not currently available.

All library fines paid in person are processed at the Payments counter, located at the Main Circulation desk of the Library, 1st floor, West Wing.

Patrons wishing to pay through the mail should send a check to:

UWM Libraries
Main Circulation Desk - library fines
P.O. Box 604
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Returned checks are subject to a $20 Bounced Check Fee. Any questions concerning payments should be directed to Library Service Charges, at (414) 229-5410 or at

Overdue Fines

Fines charged are $.25/day for each overdue item. Overdue fines begin the day after the items are due. There is, however, a three day grace period. If the late books are returned within this time, there will be no late charges. On the fourth day, a full dollar will be charged, and $.25 each day after that. Periodicals have only a one day grace period. Overdue periodicals will incur a $.50 fine on the second day past due, with each additional day another $.25. As a courtesy only, overdue notices are sent out on the first day after the items are due, and again a week later. Failure to receive an overdue notice is not cause for forgiving an overdue fine. All questions concerning library fines should be directed to Library Service Charges, at (414) 229-5410.  

Recall Fines

Recall fines accrue at a rate of $1.00 per day per late item. Any UWM student or Faculty/Staff Member can recall an item from another library user. Friends of the Golda Meir Library also share this privilege. Recall notices are sent out the day after a recall is placed, and recall overdue notices are sent out the day after a recalled item is due back. Please note that overdue items which are recalled will automatically begin accruing fines of $1.00 per day per item from the date on which the item became overdue. Questions about recall fines should be directed to Library Service Charges, at (414) 229-5410.

Lost Item Replacement/Processing Fees

When an item is overdue for 60 days, it is automatically declared lost. A flat $60.00 replacement fee, as well as a $15.00 lost item processing fee is assessed for each lost item. This fee represents costs to the UWM Libraries for the purchase price of a replacement copy of the book, as well as time spent adding the book to our collection. The option of bringing in a replacement copy instead of paying the $60.00 replacement fee may be available in many instances. The processing fee will still apply in these cases, though. As they are costlier to replace, bound periodicals have a flat $120.00 replacement fee and a $15.00 lost item processing fee. Questions about lost items fees should be directed to Library Service Charges, at (414) 229-5410.

Damaged Item Fees

Items returned to the library damaged are sent to be reviewed by UWM Library Preservation Staff. Fees may range anywhere from a $15.00 rebinding fee for a damaged cover to a $135.00 replacement fee for a periodical that has been declared a total loss. This may include a charge for staff time and/or repair materials. In most instances, the option to replace a destroyed book with a personal copy, or one purchased from a book store may be available. Any questions about damaged item fees should be directed to Library Service Charges, at (414) 229-5410.

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