Music Library Training Questions

General Direction Questions

1. Where are the DVD's?
2. Is there a Photocopier and/or Scanner I can use?
3. Where are the Bathrooms?
4. Where is the Computer Lab?
5. Where are the Curriculum materials?
6. Where are the Periodical?

Music Library Direction Questions

7. What is a folio (FOL) and where can it be found?
8. Where are the music reference books located? Can they be checked out?
9. Where are the Master Tapes located? What makes them different from the rest of the tapes?
10. Where are collected works shelved?
11. What is the call number for: a score of a musical?
12. What is the call number for: a biography?
13. What is the call number for: a string quartet?
14. What is the call number for: an opera?
15. What is the call number for: a symphony?

Reserve physical and electronic

16. How can I find materials that are on reserve for my class?

General Music Library

17. When is the Music Library open/close?
18. Do you have popular music?
19. Will you record/dub/burn this for me?
20. Is there a special area for violin Duets? Jazz Music etc...
21. Can community members use the music library?
22. What's the difference between "hold" and "reserve?"


23. Can students/faculty/staff from other UW system schools check things out?
24. What can and cannot be checked out at the Music Library?
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