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Records Management Forms

The below forms are some of the most common used by offices to manage, schedule, and/or retrieve their records. All forms are in Word Document format and are computer-fillable, though some may need to be printed for a signature. Please follow the instructions listed by each form.

All of the below forms are in Word 2003 *.doc format. If you need a form in an alternative format, please contact the records officer.

Records Series Description Worksheet The records officer may request completion of this form before creating new records schedules. Please complete to the best of your ability and return electronically to Records Management. No signature is required.

Records Retention/Disposition Authorization This form lists the retention period and disposition decision for each scheduled record group. In most cases, the records officer will fill out this form according to information garnered during the records survey and send the completed form to your office for approval. If you are firm on a particular disposition, however (e.g. for legal reasons), it may be appropriate to fill out the description portion of the RRDA for yourself. Contact the records officer for details. Please send only electronic copies of this form unless the records officer has vetted it first.

Records Transfer and Inventory If your records are scheduled for transfer to the Archives, please fill out this form prior to the time you have arranged for the University Archives staff to pick them up. This form will require signatures of both the records custodian in your office and of the university records officer. See also: Guideline #7: Recommended Guidelines for Boxing and Labelling Records .

Records Inventory Large collections of records will probably need more inventory sheets than are provided in the Records Transfer and Inventory web form. For this purpose, extra sheets are available for download here. Please remember to number the pages so as to indicate the original order of the files.

Authorization to Shred Confidential Records Please complete this form if you need University Archives staff to pick up confidential records for shredding. This form serves as confirmation that the records are scheduled to be destroyed according to an approved RRDA, and that your office is transferring custody of those records to the UWM Archives for confidential destruction. You will need to print this form out and sign it prior to records pickup.

Questions about anything on this site? Email the Records Officer or call Records Management at (414)-229-6979.