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Guidelines, Laws, and Policies

The links on this page are provided for the reference of office managers and other UWM employees interested in State- and University-wide records policy. In general, these links are provided in ascending order of requirement, with the records management guidelines serving mainly as "best practices" suggestions and the State of Wisconsin statutes and federal statutes being mandatory for all employees. However, following the laws and guidelines on this page helps improve the efficacy of the records management process and protects university offices from legal ramifications.

For help with interpretation of any of the below, please contact the University records officer.

Guidelines|Policies|UW-System and State Policy|Wisconsin Law|Federal Law

UWM Records Management Guidelines


UWM Policies and Procedures


UW-System and State of Wisconsin Policies and Information


Wisconsin State Statutes


Relevant Federal Statutes


Questions about anything on this site? Email the Records Officer or call Records Management at (414)-229-6979.