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You may chat with a librarian at any time. If someone in the Archives Department is available, you will be transferred there. If not, the Archives will e-mail you a response later.

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Course Instruction Request

The Archives Department welcomes the opportunity to work with instructors to provide a general introduction to research using primary sources and an orientation to our collections and services. As relevant, these instruction sessions also teach basic search strategies and introduce students to our registration procedures, the proper handling of materials, duplication policies, and similar matters. Sessions can be tailored to include specific topics or primary sources as needed. Most sessions last an hour, including time for questions.

To request an instruction session, please complete the following form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

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So that we may better prepare for your class, please send copies of your course syllabus and any assignments related to your students' work in the Archives. Upload files. [pantherFILE will open in a new window.]

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Comments or questions for the Archives? Send them to Ask an Archivist or call (414) 229-5402.