Future Fraternity/Sorority Leaders

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Great Choice for You If: Greek2

  • You are currently a member of a fraternity or sorority
  • You are a student interested in joining a fraternity or sorority


To create a community where current and prospective fraternity and sorority members at UWM can share their experiences, learn more about fraternity and sorority involvement, and build leadership skills through community activities.

Picture yourself...


  • Attending Fraternity/Sorority and Student Leadership Retreats
  • Hearing from guest speakers (Alumni/ae, advisors, other Greek members at UWM)
  • Participating in service opportunities and philanthropy fundraisers
  • Going on a field trip to Evanston to visit fraternity/sorority headquarters

Required Courses:

There are no required courses affiliated with this LLC. 


In Their Own Words: 

Colin Daly, LLC Stakeholder

"I can't wait to begin to help foster a strong Greek community at UWM. Student leaders in fraternities and sororities can really enhance the culture of pride and tradition at a university, and this is a great addition to the community."


Course/Program Contact:

Colin Daly Greek

Kirstin Leih