Health Professions


Enrollment: You must be admitted to the College of Nursing or the College of Health Sciences to enroll in Health Professions LLC.

Great Choice For You If:

  • You’re enrolling in the College of Nursing or the College of Health Sciences.
  • The following declared majors are eligible for the Health Professions LLC: nursing, athletic training, biomedical sciences, communication sciences and disorders, health care administration, kinesiology, nutritional sciences, occupational studies.


Meet, live and study with students like you who are pursuing health professions, benefiting your time at UWM and beyond.


Picture yourself...Health Professions

  • Participating in service learning opportunities.
  • Visiting practitioners in the Milwaukee area.
  • Discussing cutting-edge issues with guest speakers.

Required Courses:

  • Nursing students - NURS 103 (3 credits)
  • Health Sciences students - CHS 100 (3 credits)

In Their Own Words:

Dayken Nash, LLC Member:

“I joined the LLC because I thought it would be a good way to get involved with the Health Sciences program. It’s great living around people taking the same classes as I am and having a similar major as mine. It’s really helpful to always have people around to help, especially first semester when you don’t know anyone. It was really nice having everyone in the LLC be in that class, because we always knew we could find help on our floor. We planned some things to do together, like volunteering and game nights and such, so it’s been a good experience.“

Course/Program Contact:

Health Professions_2

Joel P. Spiess-Health Sciences
(414) 229-7189

Robin Jens-Nursing
(414) 229-2494







Last Updated: 11/18/13