Sandburg Hall

Great Choice For You If:


  • You have any major or concentration
  • You are entering your second year
  • You have yet to declare a major or determine your career path
  • You are looking to gain practical leadership experiences


To develop an active and supportive living-learning environment for UWM second-year students to bring focus on their academic and career goals so they can maximize their college experience while at UWM. 

Picture Yourself: 

  • Participating in second year specific events
  • Going to career development workshops, activities, and speakers
  • Attending leadership development workshops and experiences (i.e. Leadership Retreat, Leadershape, etc)
  • Enjoying activities and events with a cohort (i.e. Tough Mudder Runs, canoe trips, UWM athletic events, Brewers games, 5K races)

Required Courses:


No course is affiliated with the S'MORE LLC. 

In Their Own Words: 

Joshua Maxwell, Residence Life Coordinator 

"S'MORE is about helping students answer the question, 'Where do I go from here?'. After firmly planting themselves academically and socially at UWM during year one, the S'MORE community is about students using year two to better determine their future goals, understand what they need from their college experience to accomplish those goals, and being provided support from other students and UWM faculty/staff to make their goals a reality."

Program Contact:

Joshua Maxwell
(414) 229-5342