Social Justice, Diversity and Pride


Great Choice for You If:

  • You are considering any of the following programs: English, Social Work, Communication, Global Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Nursing, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Women's Studies, LGBT Studies, International Business, Urban Studies
  • You are interested in: Social Justice, Community Organizing, Volunteerism, Racial Justice, Cross-movement work, Activism, Conflict Resolution, Solidarity Work, Group Work Practice and Theory, History, Urban Planning/Studies, University Administration


Scholarship in action! The Social Justice, Diversity & Pride LLC will take time to examine the complexities of our individual and community identities by acknowledging that various identities are salient at different points in our lives. This LLC will create a safe space to integrate the totality of who you are into a structured learning environment and facilitate participants understanding of their personal strengths and specialties. Participants should come willing to engage in experiences that tap into the complexities of identity through rigorous discourse. The intersection of identities (ability, gender identity/gender expression, class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and historical circumstance) will be highlighted as we prepare students to enter into a global workforce with social justice awareness.

Picture yourself...

  • Planning the Social Justice Summit, which occurs on-campus every Fall.
  • Taking walking tours of the neighborhoods around the UWM community
  • Attending films, guest lectures and concerts.

Required Courses:

  • Spring Semester: Multicultural America 150 (3 credits)

Course/Program Contact:

Jen Murray
(414) 229-4116

Last Updated: 11/7/13