Your smartphone just got smarter.

UWM Mobile is UWM's official iPhone and Android app. We built it from the ground-up to make your life on campus better. Get access to maps, directories, bus routes and more.

The start of the semester is a busy time for people and for UWM's servers. If UWM Mobile is acting strangely for you, this is probably why. We'll have it fixed shortly!
People Search
Find and contact UWMers by email or name
View residence hall shuttlebus GPS locations and routes in real-time
Computer Labs
Check computer lab availability and usage in real-time
Explore and navigate campus with building locations and more
View calendars for popular UWM and local venues
Access important phone numbers, like BOSS and Campus Police
View your weekly class schedule and course locations
View residence hall washer and dryer availability in real-time
Jump to popular UWM services, like D2L
How much does it cost?
It's FREE!
How do I get it?
If you have an iPhone or other iOS device, download it from the App Store. If you have an Android powered device, download it from the Android Market.
For whom is it intended?
Anyone can use it! But UWMers are likely to get the most out of it ;)
What's a UWMer?
Its a word we just made up to describe anyone associated with UWM.
What is it built on?
We use the open source product Appcelerator Titanium, which allows us to create our core application in one language and then adapt it for specific platforms.
Who made it?
UITS Creative Services web development mobile team: Michael Hostad, Quinn Madson, Ricky Kaja, and John Mills with assistance from other talented UWMers in UITS and around campus.
Are there going to be new features?
Most certainly. We are evaluating and prioritizing features and functionality to build all the time. It was designed in a way that allows us to easily update and modify each mini-app.
I experienced a bug or have an enhancement request. How can I share this information?
You can email us or chat with us on Twitter
Is there going to be Blackberry support in the future?
Although we have no immediate plans to do so, we chose a programming framework that allows us to adapt our code for other platforms, including blackberry. If users demand it, we will make it.
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[ICON] - UWM Mobile