The Lubar School of Business and the College of Nursing collaboratively offer a program designed to provide a combined nursing and business curriculum to strengthen the graduate's performance as a leader and manager in nursing and health care administration.

Students are admitted to both the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate programs in nursing and business administration. The admission requirements are consistent with those specified by the UWM Graduate School, College of Nursing and Lubar School of Business. Applicants may choose to complete either the GMAT or GRE and must have a BS in nursing degree and at least two years practice in a health care setting. Three letters of reference are required including one from a former faculty and one from a health care employer. Students must also complete foundation business courses either prior to admission to the program or during completion of the degree program (Bus Adm 700 Building Business Interfacing Skills, 2 cr.; Bus Adm 701 Business Mathematics, 2 cr.; and Bus Adm 703 Financial Accounting, 3 cr.)

Course Plan
DNP//MBA Dual Degree Curriculum (students in the coordinated DNP/MBA program must complete all degree requirements within seven years of the first enrollment semester as a degree student)

DNP in Nursing

43 credits


21 hours

(MBA: 6 Core + 12 Elective

+ 3 Foundation = 21)


21 credits


Required Courses (NURS) Required Courses Required Courses (BUS MGMT)
725 Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare I (3 cr) NURS 720 Biostatistics (3 cr) 704 Accounting Analysis & Control (3 cr)
727 Epidemiology (3 cr) BUS MGMT 706 Mng Dynamic Environment (3 cr) 705 Corporate Finance
729 Organizational Systems (3 cr) BUS MGMT 720 Strategic Mgmt in HCO (3 cr) 707 Info Tech for Comp Adv (3 cr)
735 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3 cr) BUS ADM 773 Organizational Dev (3 cr) 708 Marketing Strategies (3 cr)
750 Outcomes and Quality Mgmt (3 cr) BUS ADM 759 Seminar in Healthcare Mgmt (Health Economics) (3 cr) 709 Data Analysis for Mgmt Appl (3 cr)
770 Nursing Administration (3 cr) BUS ADM 759 Seminar in Healthcare Mgmt (Health Finance) (3 cr) 710 Econ Analysis for Managers (3 cr)
773 Information Systems to Support Clinical Decision-Making (3 cr) Elective* (3 cr) 711 Competitive Operations Strategy (3 cr)
803 Health Policy (3 cr)    
810 Leadership for Advanced Practice in Healthcare (3 cr) Total 21 cr Total 21 cr
825 Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare II (3 cr)    
       Nursing System Practicum Courses (9 cr)    
995 DNP Residency (4 cr)    
Sub Total 43 cr    

* One additional graduate business course. Students are recommended to consider BUS ADM 755, BUS MGMT 727, and BUS MGMT 757.