Geriatric Health Care Research
Faculty in the College of Nursing provide national leadership in advancing geriatric health care through clinical intervention research, bench science needed for innovative intervention development, and theory development and testing.

Research in Geriatric Health Care in the College is strengthened by interdisciplinary partnerships, a spirit of innovation and a focus on methodological sophistication. Interventions currently being tested include a medication management system, an intervention designed to meet unmet needs of those with advanced dementia, and a home-based pain assessment and treatment intervention.

Current bench studies include an examination of the vascular influence of estrogen on resistance vessels within the native tissue and with active blood flow, a description factors associated with grief response of family caregivers of those with dementia, and several studies of factors that will strengthen the geriatric nursing workforce.

Examples of theories developed by faculty in the College are the Sensoristasis Imbalance Model and the Consequences of Need-Driven Dementia Compromised Behavior theory. Faculty engaged in Geriatric Health Research collaborate with the Self-Management Science Center and Center on Age & Community.