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Parking Rates (effective July 2, 2012)

Reserve, Hunting, & In-car meter Permits (effective June 1, 2012)


Hourly Public/Student

Pay Stations $0.85/hour
Cunningham, Sciences, Kunkle, Sandburg, and Zelazo  
Parking Meters $0.85/hour

Chapman, Enderis

Heating Plant and Alumni House
* Posted Public Hours Only
After 3 p.m. Monday-Friday
7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday

Cashiered $1.25/hour
$12/day maximum

Lubar (during public hours)



Student Permits

1 Resident Permit (includes overnight)  
  24 hour Sandburg $550/semester
  Sandburg Residence Halls Guests, 24 Hour (overnight parking) $10/day
2 Long-term Student DA permit $100/semester
3 Short-term Student DA permit $3/day
4 Motorcycle Permit (Sept 1-Aug 31) $70/year
5 UWintriM Student Permits  
  Student Union garage $30
  Outdoor lots $20
6 Summer Pavilion garage Permit $10/week
7 Cancelled Permit Adjustment $10


Faculty and Staff

8 Regular "Hunting" and F/S DA Permit $900/year
9 Indoor Reserved (valid only in area of choice) $1,450/year
10 Third Shift Permit $50/year
11 Emeritus permit $50/semester
(if being paid by UWM); summer free
12 In-Car Meter $0.70/hour
  Initial Administrative Charge $30
  Initial Deposit $35
  Cash, Charge, Check Only $50
  Payroll Deduction Available $100, $150, $200, $250
13 UPARK Permits  
  UWinteriM, Spring Recess, Summer $279
  Spring Recess, Summer $240
  Summer $225
14 UWintriM F/S Permits  
  Student Union garage $30
  Outdoor lots $20
15 Special Visitors (UWM Dept. Only)
    $5 per 1/3 day; $12/day

Campus Wide permit (Union Garage not included)



17 "K" permit  
  Unreserved $8/day
  Reserved $13/day
Renewal Procedures:Fill Out The Parking Application Form  And Send The Completed Form To The Parking Office