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Vendors and Contractors


Repairmen, contractors, service representatives and members of the campus community who need to load or unload material must follow these specific guidelines while on campus:

  • Dock areas are reserved for delivery vehicles with truck plates while loading or unloading.
  • Short term errand parking (picking up mail or delivering something to an office) is provided at the short term 30 minute meters or in public parking lots only.
  • Personal vehicles are not allowed in loading docks.
  • Parking in service areas requires authorization from the Parking and Transit office.
  • Parking elsewhere is prohibited.

Note: Parking at the job site is not an acceptable reason to park illegally.

If a motor vehicle of any type will be used in the conduct of a job or business at UWM it should be noted that a vehicle left unattended for any length of time is considered parked. This applies even to vehicles that are unattended with their hazard lights on.

K Permits

Any serviceperson or contractor who needs parking space(s) as close to their campus destination as possible for longer than a 30-minute meter will allow may purchase a special "K" permit. To purchase, contact the UWM Parking and Transit office at 414-229-4000.


"K" permits are available only to vendors, suppliers, service and repair agents who show proof that they have received an official contract or order for purchase, service or work are eligible to obtain "K" permits of any kind. The UWM Parking Department reserves the right to limit the quantity of permits issued to a vendor or contractor. "K" permits will not be sold to persons or firms in the process of soliciting business from UWM.


The "K" permit will allow a vehicle to be parked at a 30-minute meter beyond the posted time limit and without having to pay the meter fee. The "K" permit will also allow a vehicle to park in other convenient areas/spaces posted: "Vehicles Authorized by the UWM Parking Department Only."

In addition, a "K" permit will allow a vehicle to park in a parking space available for general public parking without having to pay any additional parking fee beyond the cost of the permit. This does not apply to the Student Union garage.

One Day Permits

These permits can be issued per day or in advance quantities. Each permit is self validating and allows parking all day on the date for which the permit is validated.

Consecutive Day or Extended Use Permits

These permits are sold for multiple days, month, or per year (non-reserved). See Parking Rates for exact cost. Each permit is validated at the time of purchase