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Dance Non-Major Courses

Push your limits next semester – and earn GER credits!

From Hip-Hop to Ballroom, UWM Dance has something for everybody. Courses open to ALL UWM students. See course listing below to identify those classes which satisfy GER requirements.

103 - Introduction to Iyengar Yoga (A)
Experience this century-old tradition while strengthening your body, sharpening your mind and reducing stress.

110 - Introduction to the Art of Dance (A)
Basic technique, implementation, short compositions, lectures, films and discussions on dance history, philosophy, theory, and survey of current trends.

111 - Ballet I (A)
Develop your inner ballet dancer through the learning of barre and center exercises and the history of the form.

113 - Modern Dance Technique I (A)
Through videos, readings and discussion, lean the characteristics of dance on the African continent and follow these elements as African slaves migrated across North and South American and the Caribbean.

115 - Jazz Dance I (A)
Explore your inner rhythm and style through upbeat and fast-paced movement to contemporary and popular music.

117 - Tap I (A)
Start your day in an energetic and stress-relieving way as you explore rhythm, musicality and syncopation.

*122 - African Dance & Diaspora Technique I (A, CD)
An intense African dance workout with live drumming, plus unique stretching and toning techniques.

133 - Creative Movement (A)
Develop your creative potential using rhythm and movement and improvisation.

*220 - Body Sense (A)
Enjoy an environment for creative exploration of individual body awareness, integration of body-mind and experiencing the body in space.

313 - History of Dance in the African Diaspora (A, CD)
The dance traditions of Africa and the Diaspora.

315 - History of the American Musical Theater (A)
Lecture course regarding the origins, development and evolution of the American musical theatre.

*321 - Alexander Technique for the Performer
Move with greater ease, balance and poise, and perform to your greatest potential, by unlearning habitual patterns of tension, strain and collapse.

323 - Body Conditioning: Pilates Method
Low-impact exercises and stretching to improve strength, balance and endurance.

*360 - Movement and Learning (A)
Learn the effect of movement on learning (encouraged for Education majors), including creative movement activities for creative problem-solving.

NEW: 370 Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Dance (A)
Explore the culture, history, and techniques of capoeira, an art combining dance, martial arts, and music in a playful game.

NEW: 370 Men in Motion (A)
Athleticism, coordination, strength, and rhythm come together in this dance class for men surveying a wide variety of styles and themes.

*370 Ballroom Dance (A)
Impress your friends, family (or a date) by learning the waltz, foxtrot, tango & more.

370 Hip Hop I, II (A)
Hit the dance floor as you learn the different styles of Hip Hop and develop a deep understanding of the music and culture behind this high-energy form.

*370 T'ai Chi (A)
Relax and relieve stress by learning these simple movements practiced in China for hundreds of years to promote balance and harmony.

370 Salsa/Merengue I (A)
Experience Latin America through dance and music of Caribbean countries.