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GER Information

A = Arts
CD = Cultural Diversity
† = Variable content courses may be retaken with change in topic
‡ = Placement/Seating audition required
* = sections meet only once per week

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Special Winterim 2016 Offer: 3 Credit GER Piano Course. No Experience Necessary. Sign up for MUS 130 Beginning Piano and learn basic piano skills as well as music notation.

Meet friends, earn credit and have fun while taking a break and making some music.
Courses open to ALL UWM students. See course listing below to identify those classes which satisfy GER requirements.

Performing Ensembles

‡31 - University Band (A)
Designed as a continuing playing experience.

‡41 - Symphony Band (A)
Performs symphonic works for band, performing on campus, statewide tours and national conventions.

‡43 - Wind Ensemble
Performs music ranging from octet to forty players.

‡45 - University Choir (A)
Performing masterpieces from all periods of choral literature.

‡51 - Men's Chorus
Literature includes classical, contemporary, glee, and barbershop.

‡53 - Women's Chorus (A)

Performs a wide variety of choral music from all eras.

‡57 - Concert Chorale (A)
Select mixed ensemble performing music from all periods.

*‡62 - Gospel Choir (A)
Performs the music of the African-American culture.

*81 - University Community Orchestra (A)
Non-music majors and community members.

‡82 - Symphony Orchestra (A)

Performs orchestral works from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

271 - Jazz Ensemble (A)
Performance and study of jazz ensemble techniques.

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Ensemble Auditions

UWM performing ensembles (those denoted above with a ‡) require a placement/seating audition.Placement auditions are held during the first week of each fall semester. More information and audition excerpts can be found by visiting the Ensemble Auditions page.

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Do you want to continue private lessons on your instrument?

Private lessons at the 100 level are offered to the non-major under the following conditions:

  1. A successful placement audition and concurrent registration in a UWM performing ensemble.
  2. Consent of instructor and availability of instructional time.

For more information contact:

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General Courses

100 - Introduction to Music Literature (A)
Guide to musical enjoyment and understanding, including listening experiences in the various styles and forms of music.

101 - Fundamentals of Music (A)
Music fundamentals through singing, playing, listening, note reading and creativity for the general university student.

*102 - American Popular Music (A)
Study of American popular music from 1900 to the present.

108 - The Concert Experience (A)
The concert as an event: history, traditions, form, make-up, and interpretation.

130 - Beginning Piano (A)
Introduction to the piano and musical notation.

131 - Intermediate Piano (A)
Varying uses of the piano is continued and expanded through reading, technique, interpretation, and theory.

140 - Class Voice Level I (A)
Group study of singing, including posture, breathing, resonance, range and projection through vocal exercises, varied song repertoire and solo singing.

141 - Class Voice Level II (A)

Continuation of Class Voice Level I including vocal health, posture, breathing, phonation, resonance to include repertoire expansion of jazz, popular, folk and blues.

*150 - Beginning Guitar (A)
Beginning class instruction on guitar as an accompanying instrument for folk and pop songs. Basic chording, strumming, and finger picking.

151 - Intermediate Guitar (A)
Intermediate instruction on guitar. Finger picking, barre chord, bass runs, melody playing, and reading music.

152 - Guitar Performance Survey (A)
Continuation of Beginning and Intermediate Guitar. Development of position playing, moveable chord forms, solo arrangements, and guitar ensembles.

†280 - Special Studies in Music
Specific topics announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be retaken for credit when the course content is different.

*300 - Literary Aspects of Rock and Roll (A)

Examines the evolution of the Rock and Roll song as an original American literary musical art form.

*309 - American Folk and Popular Music (A)
A survey of American folk and popular music from 1750 to the present.

*310 - Introduction to World Musics (A)
Study of musical genres from selected world cultures with an emphasis on musical sound and structure, and performance in cultural context.

*452 - Collegium Musicum (A)
Vocal and instrumental groups devoted to the study and performance of music from 12th through the 18th century.

†489 - Workshops
Specific topic announced in the Schedule of Classes.

†680 - Special Studies in Music

Specific topics announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be retaken for credit when the course content is different to a max of 9 credits.

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