UWM’s Innovation Engine

UWM’s Innovation Engine

To attain true economic vitality for Southeastern Wisconsin, regional companies need to be linked in meaningful ways to breakthroughs in research. The UWM Research Foundation (UWMRF) is building an “innovation engine” to accomplish just that.

By growing a culture of creativity and seeding promising ideas, the UWMRF is helping support partnering efforts in water, energy, medical devices and drug discovery. At the same time, it’s developing a portfolio of intellectual property and transferring that asset to commercial partners.

Our “innovation engine” is working. It has already produced six startup companies from UWM-licensed technology. Efforts to stimulate UWM student entrepreneurship are being modeled on that success.

Other measurable results include a growing portfolio of patent applications and issued patents, investments by partner companies in research and completed license agreements – more than 100 active intellectual property matters in all.

With the UWM Real Estate Foundation, the UWMRF is helping to construct UWM’s Innovation Campus adjacent to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. Proximity will allow collaboration among thinkers in industry, research and medicine.

Just as important as commercialization, UWMRF activities are supporting a new generation of students who study and conduct research with UWM faculty – as they prepare for successful careers built on innovation.

If you would like to find out more about what UWM can offer your company, please contact me at briant@uwmfnd.org.

—Brian Thompson, President
UWM Research Foundation