Tips for Staying Safe

Staying safe is easy! Just follow these simple guidelines to make sure you and your stuff stays protected.

General tips

  • If confronted, surrender property rather than risk your life
  • Use the S.A.F.E. phone systems around campus if you feel threatened: look for yellow boxes with blue lights
  • If biking or driving, watch out for pedestrians: campus can be quite busy at times!
  • Take a self-defense class

Tips for at-home

  • Keep your windows and doors locked
  • When moving, unpack quickly and always have someone on guard
  • Secure laptops with a lock if leaving them unattended
  • Avoid propping open doors for long durations

Tips for on-campus and around town

  • Watch out for bicyclists as well as cars
  • Cross streets only at marked crosswalks
  • Do not give money to unlicensed solicitors
  • If you own a bicycle, register it with the police
  • Keep your car locked and remove any valuables
  • If biking, follow the rules of the road (ie. wear a helmet, ride with traffic, avoid sidewalks, etc)
  • Secure your bicycle with a Cycle-Safe bike locker or a secure lock of your own

Tips for after-hours

  • Avoid walking alone, especially at night: use B.O.S.S. anytime from 6PM – 2AM
  • Keep sharp! Walk with a purpose and pay attention to your surroundings
  • Stay within well-lit areas
  • If you've been drinking, try to find someone to drive or walk you home
  • Don't invite random people into your house
  • Don't drink anything that could have been tampered with

Tips for safe-guarding your personal information

  • Be careful what you post online
  • Don't verify any personal information over the phone
  • Protect the privacy of your Social Security Number