Capture: Social Contextualism as Design Driver

Friday, February 8, 2013

Time: 4:30pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Building 170

“Capture: Social Contextualism as Design Driver” presentation by Jan van den Kieboom, AIA, Owner and Founder, Workshop Architects, Milwaukee. For more information about this speaker’s visit, contact Associate Professor Brian Schermer.

Workshop Architects focuses on creating environments for social interaction and creative expression. Guided by robust research and design methodologies, Workshop's team of architects, planners and designers work with leading educational, cultural and corporate institutions to plan and design spaces that reflect their client's highest aspirations. They design from the ‘Inside-Out,’ and believe that good design can inspire creativity, nurture social interaction, and build community. Good design, however, is shaped not just by architects; it is shaped by the very people who will socialize in its lounges, perform on its stages, and work within its walls. Designing from the 'Inside-Out' means listening deeply to how people want to feel when they are in a space, and then designing around the highest aspirations that they express. Designing from the 'Inside-Out' means improving the human condition. Simply put, designing from the 'Inside-Out' is what makes Workshop’s approach different.