Educational Administration & Supervision

The Department of Administrative Leadership is committed to the development of educational leaders, particularly for service in metropolitan areas. We believe that excellent educational leaders nurture leadership among others in the school community, create positive work environments for students, staff, and parents; and contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning.

Our leadership development program prepares leaders to be change agents; adept at creating and engaging teams of professionals, evaluating current conditions, understanding how complex systems work, instilling a shared vision, and creating learning communities with high standards for students.

This program is for individuals who aspire to positions of principal, director of instruction, director of special education and pupil services, school business manager or superintendent. Others may wish to prepare for the ongoing study of administration by entering the professoriate.

Program Overview

Educational Administration and Supervision Program Overview (PDF)

Course Information

Educational Administration & Supervision Courses (PDF)

Educational Administration & Supervision Three Year Course Schedule 2014 - 2016 (PDF)

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